Simone is humbled and grateful to be involved as an ambassador for Pearl Alliance. Rescuing women and children from the illegal sex trade is one of the biggest needs facing the earth today and is something that is very dear to her heart. There are many people who don’t have voices in this world – Simone is one of those who is the voice for the voiceless. The songs on her EP, “NEW DAY” are about bringing hope and truth. Songs that represent humanity, as we are all in this together. WE are the Alliance, to rescue the pearls. There are so many things that are pushed under the carpet. It is time we start to bring them out from under the carpet and begin dealing with these problems like never before. There are millions of lives trapped in sex trafficking around the world, and it needs to stop. These women and children have no voice. Simone sings these songs for those women and children who need a voice and need to be rescued.

The best gift you can give is to:

  • share the truth to others
  • support this music
  • wear a NOT SILENT shirt or singlet
  • contribute to this charity

People ARE being rescued yet there is more work to do.

justiceIn October 2011, Signature Music Design, (SMD) an American based record label, was established to change the face of the record industry by putting the primary focus on philanthropy, training, education, and empowerment.
Simone is united with SMD. Together, they are committed to bringing positive change to the injustices in the world.
SMD partners with artists who are inspired to share their music and careers to help others in need.

Pearl Alliance is an outreach of Messenger International designed to rescue and restore pearls trapped in darkness. It is an alliance of all who are willing to fight against human trafficking. Pearl Alliance connects individuals in supporting onsite organisations in Southeast Asia. In this one area, thousands of women and children have been exploited. Now is their time for rescue and restoration.
Lisa Bevere, a cofounder of Messenger International, spent time in Cambodia and Thailand, witnessing firsthand the brutality of human trafficking. Her heart broke for the women and children whose innocence was being stolen.
Upon her return, Lisa met with the board of Messenger International. In this meeting, she expressed her heart for women and children forced into human trafficking and how she wanted to be a part of their liberation. Months later, Pearl Alliance was formed as an outreach of Messenger International created to stop human trafficking.

For more information about Pearl Alliance and to discover how you can assist to bring justice and change please contact Simone at

pearl smd

Simone has her NOT SILENT apparel range for sale. T-shirts and singlets that are being worn by people who declare they will BE THE VOICE of change with regard to the atrocities on the earth. 100% of the profits in sales of this apparel are for Pearl Alliance to continue doing their incredible work. To purchase yours and show your support please click here.

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