Written by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Newton Mendonça and English lyrics by Norman Gimbel.
Recorded at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Lead Vocal by Simone Waddell
Mastered by William Bowden @King Willy Sound


In my loneliness
When you’re gone and I’m all by myself and I need your caress
I just think of you
And the thought of you holding me near
Makes my loneliness soon disappear

Though you’re far away
I have only to close my eyes
And you are here to stay
I just close my eyes
And the sadness that missing you brings
Soon is gone and this heart of mine sings

Yes I love you so
And that for me is all I need to know
I will wait for you
Till the sun falls from out of the sky
For what else can I do
I will wait for you
Meditating how sweet life will be when you come back to me

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