New Website

I have a new website! It has been a long time coming yet worth the wait as all good things are. Some have asked why I would require two websites? Well I have a wonderful vocal coaching website which is dedicated to students and clients who are leaping and bounding into new levels with their voices and their lives. I now have THIS wonderful site which is dedicated to music and to working with Pearl Alliance, the anti – trafficking organisation. I know so many of you are equally as passionate as I am about seeing the vulnerable be helped and set free. So lets keep at it.

You may be aware that I have just released a jazz album called MY ROMANCE and it is getting some absolutely amazing reviews. I hope you can come to the launch on October 8th. Details on how to book are coming soon. If you don’t already have the album you can order it at right now!

It was SUCH an incredible journey to create that body of work. Loved it.

I am also super super excited to tell you about my upcoming EP release called NEW DAY. This was made FOR Pearl Alliance and has songs of hope and inspiration that I absolutely love. Please drop me a line and tell me about you. I would love to hear from you. So please do have a look around the new site and enjoy.

Always remember, You Have A Voice, Love Simone x