About Simone

Simone Waddell is an award winning artist, a gifted songwriter, and one of Australia’s leading contemporary jazz singers. A queen of versatility, she infuses soulful melodies with groove, can sing a heart stopping ballad, or have the entire audience dancing on their feet.

Simone’s voice is fresh and impassioned and simply a joy to listen to.

Erik Zobler
Grammy Award Winning Producer & Engineer

Her career has made a profound impact around the world, inspiring countless individuals through the art of song and storytelling. Her ability to master multiple genres including gospel, jazz, soul, funk, pop, and R&B is exceptional, and renowned in the music industry. Due to her training in classical piano and voice, she occasionally returns to her roots on very special occasions.

Simone is an accomplished vocalist with phrasing that endorses her understanding of the lyrics. She stretches boundaries and demonstrates her mastery of vocals. This coupled with her use of dynamics and phrasing offers a compelling listening experience.

Barry O Sullivan
2MB Fine Music Sydney

A prolific songwriter with 5 albums, 3 EPs, and numerous singles, her voice has been described as, “utterly amazing,” “drenched with soul and feeling,” and, “one of the most treasured, brilliant, talented voices on the planet today!” Her qualities of warmth, professionalism, and enthusiasm are infectious. She sings, writes, and lives from the heart with authenticity, and integrity.

In this crowded, noisy world of allegedly “unique” singers/performers, Simone distinguishes herself as an extraordinarily pure singer-songwriter and performer. She is an evocative lyricist, and a deeply passionate and sensitive collaborator, well-informed and confident.

George Massenburg
Iconic Grammy Award Winning Engineer

Simone’s upcoming projects for 2024 include her show, “The Great Ladies of Jazz,” and in 2025 as well as featuring on the Bravo Performing Arts Cruise to Noumea and New Caledonia, she will also launch her show, “Unforgettable” in various venues, performing songs from The American Songbook.

The Art of Collaboration

Simone’s 5th studio album, “The Art of Collaboration” is a celebration of her career. It features sixty of Australia’s top Jazz Musicians including Tommy Emmanuel, James Morrison, Rai Thistlewayte, and Paul Grabowsky. The album reimagines iconic Australian songs into a contemporary jazz style, and includes Simone’s original music. The epitome of all Simone holds dear, it is recognised as a work of musical excellence. Her voice gently glides, bends, and powerfully soars, and it captures the listener with transformative melodies, where the joy of sharing a song with friends and colleagues is evident. The album is an unprecedented project in her nation. It is a vision Simone pursued, as she believes in the musical talent in Australia, and she desired to bring the genre of contemporary jazz into the spotlight.

Simone Waddell has taken a classic Phil Buckle song, "Burn For You" and made it her own. What a great sounding masterpiece it is! Simone smashed it!

Tommy Emmanuel
World’s Greatest Acoustic Guitarist

The Art of Collaboration was the #1 ARIA Highest Selling Australian Jazz Album of 2022, and was entered into 4 categories for the Grammys.

We’ve been waiting for something like this and you’ve done it. This is “The Record of The Year!”

Leigh Drew
Casey Radio 97.7FM

Early Years & Academia

A homegrown Aussie girl, Simone’s dedication to music from a young age opened up opportunities for her. While studying for her music degree at Southern Cross University, Simone won the prestigious Nescafe Big Break competition. She was the first Australian ever awarded a scholarship to attend The Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts, where she was personally invited by the former Dean, Dr Warwick Carter, after her audition. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Music, majoring in Voice.

Simone has such a beautiful instrument! Her commitment is one of her best assets. You can be an extremely talented musician and still not make it into Berklee but Simone has a combination of musical ability, and commitment. I was so impressed upon hearing her sing, I offered her the chance of a musical lifetime to complete her degree at Berklee on a scholarship.

Dr Warwick Carter
Former Dean of Berklee College of Music

This led to her being the first ever jazz vocalist to obtain a Masters of Music Research Degree (Performance) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where she was mentored by the late legendary singer Kerrie Biddell, who was the focus of Simone’s research. She received a High Distinction.

Simone is a gorgeous singer, her talent of Kate Ceberano proportions. She moves effortlessly between jazz, soul and pop genres.

Eric Myers
The Australian Newspaper

Simone won an academic grant, and was invited to present her research at the Auckland University for the 40th Australian and New Zealand Musicological Society Conference.

Simone’s velvet-smooth vocals bring joy and exuberance. She is truly an emblem of optimism!

Marie Chellos
Sydney Conservatorium of Music - Librarian for Post Graduate Researchers

Career Highlights

While in the United States, Simone dazzled audiences and launched her first two albums Take My Love and Make It Happen.

Having performed internationally in countless top venues both solo and with exceptional musicians in Japan, China, Europe, and USA, Simone truly encompasses world class vocals. She is known to perform with the absolute best musicians, who are a perfect match for this Australian songstress.

Dear Simone! It’s great that we have you here in China for these wonderful jazz shows. Your beautiful voice and professional performance on stage amazed me deeply!

Joe (China)

Thank you Simone for a wonderful concert, you and the band were fantastic. Thank you also for investing so much in youth in Shenzhen and inspiring them, you are adding a richness to their lives here in China. Music is a precious gift, thank you for sharing this gift of music with our city!

Heidi (China)

Blessed with the opportunity, Simone has collaborated with talents such as Sam McNally, (Air Supply, John Farnham) and Cornell Thigpen. (Mary J Blige, Stevie Nicks, Babyface.)

Simone released her third and fourth albums ‘My Romance’ a timeless collection of jazz songs, and ‘Surrender’, a record exclusively showcasing her own compositions, which both launched at sold out live shows.

Simone is marvellous and her DEMEANOUR and presence is just greatness. Flat out the **most professional** person I know and work with often. Simone is a joy to work with.

Sam McNally
Premium Keyboardist

Simone has also been honoured to perform at many respected venues and events, such as multiple Parliament House engagements for State and National Leaders, and toured nationally with various artists including Max Pellicano on Elvis To The Max, Mark Anthony on his ELVIS ‘If I Can Dream’ show, and the multi-award-winning Grammy nominated artist Taylor Dayne, playing keyboard, and singing backing vocals.

She has also performed the Australian, New Zealand, and UK national anthems and hymns for the Anzac Day Dawn Service, and the National Anthem for the Rugby League.

I have had the privilege of working with many awe-inspiring vocalists throughout my career and can openly say from my heart that Simone Waddell is amongst the very best of them. Her voice is stunning, as is her personality, that shines through every time she sings. She is open and unshockable, and this is what makes her a super star. Simone is a gift to the world of music.

Martha Baartz

Justice & Freedom Through Music

Simone collaborated extensively with the American label, Signature Music Design for her EP ‘New Day’ to support Messenger Rescue - an organisation bringing freedom to those trapped in sex trafficking. The tracks weave a story of hope, compassion, and strength. Her voice speaks up for those who have no voice through this work, where she is an ambassador.

Simone Waddell embodies the true virtues of life, love, spirit and more. She has proven to be the very best of what is right with the music community. She is liquid love and classy. Her music is the perfect tool to touch the hearts of people around the world. Her beauty, charm and gifting are undeniable.

Leroix Hampton
Founder of Signature Music Design, Producer, Songwriter, Mentor, Consultant

Her love of travel fuelled by her passion for music and justice, saw her continue across the world in 2018 to coach the globally renowned Watoto Children’s Choir in Uganda, as well as the teenage, and adult singers there.

Thank you Simone for being kind. You gave me a voice when you didn’t have a clue what I was going through. God bless you always.

Ashaba Ahebwa
African Singer

Privileged to mentor the young singers, she also served the women in the Living Hope program, working to empower the women of Africa. Simone returned to Japan to speak and perform to raise awareness and funds for Messenger Rescue.

Simone has helped and influenced me so much – so very grateful to have such an amazing coach! With such a genuine heart!

Donny Rogers

A prolific songwriter, Simone channels her music to spread peace, joy, and hope. Her song ‘Born to Win’ not only was popular on Sydney radio, but is also the theme song at Heal for Life - a healing program for adults and teens recovering from abuse.

When I first heard Simone’s song ’Born to Win’ I was moved to tears and blown away by the message and the inspiration it brings! The song encourages everyone who is fortunate enough to hear it.

Deborah Torres Patel
Asia’s #1 Voice Coach

Her gospel track ‘Surely You Know’ produced by the highly respected musician and producer Ralph Marshall, is featured on the ‘Aussie Hope Album’ with all profits supporting Live Connection Aid projects in developing countries.

Her EP, Keeping My Peace On, also launched to a full house and the songs are yet another example of Simone combining music and freedom.

Voice Coaching

Simone’s vocal expertise, coupled with her dynamic personality positions her as an expert in her field of coaching, having mentored vocalists and taught thousands of sessions across a three decade career. She authored her popular e-book How to Strengthen Your Voice in 5 Easy Steps, and has produced numerous resources to assist aspiring singers with vocal training and exercises. Passionate about helping and empowering people to find their true voice, her coaching also includes ‘Coaching Beyond the Song’.

Simone is the ultimate mentor! The most amazing mentor. SIMONE is next level!


As a total coach, Simone has a gift for bringing out the best in her clients, and she continues to encourage others to find their own authentic voice through her coaching programs. Simone is also a certified Life Coach dedicated to helping others.

Simone’s ability to create opportunities for people to grow creatively and transform their lives is harnessed through her carefully designed dynamic live vocal workshops, and her unique online course “You Have a Voice Academy”, as well as through her stunning natural world class retreats, which are life changing and inspirational.

Heavenly Healing Retreat in Bali, Song of Your Life Retreat on the mid north coast of NSW, and You Have a Voice Summit in Port Douglas and Byron Bay, Australia, are outstanding programs.

Simone is the bees knees when it comes to not just training you in vocal technique but more importantly helping you to create a larger creative vision for your life and working towards accomplishing your dreams…having worked with Simone I can’t recommend her highly enough!

David de Horne

Writing & Speaking

Simone has penned a chapter of the bestselling book The Attitude of Gratitude alongside 11 international authors - a collection of inspirational stories showcasing the power of gratitude. Having shared insights from her personal journey through various life-altering challenges, her words encourage readers that there is no chain too strong, and no pit too deep.

Simone is a woman of grace and great artistry in so many areas of music and life. With her angelic voice, deep understanding in all aspects of music, her sweet, kind and deep nature, Simone immerses you in her world of music magic. She is a musical and spiritual treasure in this world.

David Jones
Acclaimed Drummer/Percussionist

As well as her career in music, Simone has a dozen TV commercials under her belt, catwalk and catalogue modelling, and multiple presenting, MC, speaking, and hosting engagements including Miss World Australia, Miss Sydney, Miss Lebanon Australia, and Miss Southern Highlands. Simone is an absolute natural on the stage, and in front of the camera.

Simone as an artist has one of the best voice's I have ever heard and ever will. She is the VOICE!!!!

Kellie Logue
Visual Artist

Trauma Healing

Simone has a Certificate in Trauma Healing, and has her Mindfulness Certification. She is trained and qualified to work with survivors of trauma, and serves at Heal For Life in The Hunter Valley NSW, on programs designed to bring healing and wholeness. Simone is also interested in natural health, spiritual growth, and holistic wellbeing.

Simone is and has been active in the areas of justice, equality, and humanitarian needs, offering care and assistance to domestic violence victim/survivors, and campaigning for legislative change regarding child abuse and domestic violence.

Simone your beauty, Love and wisdom shine from the inside out of you.  I love you and your Voice ~ thank you for being there here and everywhere. When I see you, I See an Angel in our midst. Thank you dear heart.

Jo Jo Smith

Despite her own intense challenges overcoming abuse, trauma, and severe injustice, Simone Waddell continues to radiate kindness, love and peace, sharing her voice, forever grateful to live the dynamic and creative life that music allows.

Simone is ever incredible, fearless and full of love and life! She takes my breath away, and inspires me! What a WOMAN!

Keren Minshell
ARIA award winning singer


  • ANA Hotel Matsuyama, Japan
  • Backdrop Jazz Club Japan
  • Berklee Performance Center USA
  • Bestastua Haugesund, Norway
  • Brass Monkey Sydney, Australia
  • Brittannia Hotel Trondheim, Norway
  • Cairns Civic Theatre Cairns, Australia
  • Camelot Lounge Live Music Venue Sydney, Australia
  • Capitol Theatre Sydney, Australia
  • Crown Casino: The Palms Melbourne, Australia
  • Crown Towers, Barangaroo Sydney, Australia
  • Davistown Jazz Festival Davistown, Australia
  • Django Bar Sydney, Australia
  • Doltone House Sydney, Australia
  • Doo Bop Jazz Club Brisbane, Australia
  • Enmore Theatre Sydney, Australia
  • Foundry616 Jazz Club Sydney, Australia
  • Four Points Sheraton Sydney, Australia
  • Fullerton Hotel Sydney, Australia
  • Geelong Performing Arts Centre Geelong, Australia
  • Grand Hyatt Fukuoka, Japan
  • Haiya Theatre Shenzhen, China
  • Her Majesty’s Theatre Adelaide, Australia
  • Hilton Hotel Lake Placid, New York State, USA
  • Hilton Hotel Sydney, Australia
  • Hotel Metropolitan Nagano, Japan
  • Hotel Wrest Point Hobart, Australia
  • Kokusai 21 International Hotel Nagano, Japan
  • Lazybones Lounge Sydney, Australia
  • Le Montage Sydney, Australia
  • Luxury Grand Hotel Oslo, Norway
  • Manly Jazz Festival Sydney, Australia
  • Novotel Sydney, Australia
  • Odyssey Luxury Cruise Liner Boston Harbor, U.S.A
  • Paris Cat Jazz Club Melbourne, Australia
  • Parliament House Sydney, Australia
  • Parramatta Riverside Theatre Sydney, Australia
  • Poly Theatre Shenzhen, China
  • Princess Theatre Launceston, Australia
  • Rock Lily Pyrmont, Australia
  • Shangri La Hotel Sydney, Australia
  • Sol’s Place 121 Auckland, New Zealand
  • Soup Plus Jazz Club and Restaurant Sydney, Australia
  • Sutherland Entertainment Centre Sydney, Australia
  • Sydney Opera House Forecourt Sydney, Australia
  • Sydney Conservatorium of Music Sydney, Australia
  • The Basement Sydney, Australia
  • The Pilbeam Theatre Rockhampton, Australia
  • The Vanguard Sydney, Australia
  • Twin Towns Gold Coast, Australia
  • Worcester Entertainment Centre Worcester, USA
  • Xinghai Theatre Guangzhou, China
  • Other locations such as:
    Cape Cod, USA
    Rhode Island, USA
    Pittsburgh, USA
    Karuizawa, Japan
    Canberra, Australia
    Ayr, Australia
    Byron Bay, Australia
    and countless other venues and locations.

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Simone is one of the leading voice coaches in Australia and facilitates dynamic live vocal workshops, stunning natural retreats, life - changing online programs, and quality one on one coaching. Simone is a total coach and knows how to bring the "gold" out of whoever she works with. Simone is humbled and grateful to also be involved as an ambassador for Messenger Rescue. Rescuing women and children from the illegal sex trade is one of the biggest needs facing the earth today and is something that is very dear to her heart.

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