2MBS Fine Music Sydney Review by Barry O’Sullivan

CD Review: The Art Of Collaboration

Collaboration involves a group of people working together to complete a shared goal. This is a captivating journey through the realm of jazz. The album delivers a fresh perspective on a variety of compositional forms and innovative interpretations of well-known pop songs alongside some original compositions and arrangements from Jim Kelly and the vocalist Simone Waddell. To complete her mission statement, Waddell has drawn upon the talents of some of this country’s top-notch musicians, confirming that she is an accomplished vocalist with phrasing that endorses her understanding of the lyrics, giving those wellknown numbers a fresh quality.

The original compositions on the album are treated equally well. Guitarist Jim Kelly does fine justice to Neil Finn’s Fall at Your Feet as does Tommy Emmanuel on Burn for You, while Carl Dewhurst is ebulliently swinging on his solo on The Horses. Even purists will marvel because, overall, it’s still a jazz album at heart. The remaining collaborators fare equally well, each receiving varied treatment. Waddell stretches boundaries with her collaborators and demonstrates her mastery of vocals and composition. This coupled with her use of dynamics and phrasing, offers a compelling listening experience. Goal achieved.

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The art of collaboration