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You can have fun with your voice

Shire-based voice coach Simone Waddell says her lifelong passion for singing is one reason she loves "empowering people to improve their own voices".

"I want everyone to know that you have a voice, so what you think, sing, say, and feel matters," she said.

Waddell has planned a Sing From Your Soul one-day workshop for Saturday at Sutherland.

"It will cover aspects of contemporary singing, performing, good vocal technique, warming up, confidence on stage and enjoying the whole process," she said.

Waddell has a free book, How to Strengthen Your Voice in Five Easy Steps, available to download at simonewaddell.com.

The 10am-5.30pm workshop will be held at Shirelive auditorium, 7 Stapleton Avenue, Sutherland.

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