Voice Coaching

Fundamental Vocal Technique Exercises For Medium/High Voice

Voice exercises are the foundation for all good vocal, ear training, and theoretical understanding. These exercises are clear, easy to follow, incredibly effective, and have great variety. You’ll be able to develop your range, rhythm, pitch, and vocal control. The feedback from those who have used these exercises has been phenomenal!


Track List

A comprehensive series of vocal exercises to help you with warming up, extending range, breathing, pitch, timing, ear training, intervals, and much much more!

Multiple Vocal and Breathing Exercises individually structured to work through at your own pace.

"You Have A Voice! And what you think, sing, say, and feel matters."

*These exercises can be sung using various vowels, with or without vibrato, at various volumes, and using various tones. Make the most of the exercises by experimenting with all the different ways you can choose to implement each one. Focus on the pitch and free delivery of each note, ensuring that you open your mouth and jaw as you sing higher, without holding any tension in the jaw. Breathe properly and have fun! Enjoy the journey to your better voice!


Designed and Created by Simone Waddell

Vocal Demonstrations by Simone Waddell and Pat Powell

Sound Engineering and Production by Michael Coggins

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