Here To Win

Simone collaborated with Signature Music Design, an American based record label, and released her EP, “NEW DAY’ in December 2017. A collection of inspiring and empowering songs that weave a theme of hope and strength through each note. This track was recorded at the same time to bring awareness regarding the horror of sex trafficking on the earth.


Track List

  1. Here To Win


Lead vocal by: Simone Waddell
Backing vocals by: Chantel Hampton and Simone Waddell
Written by: LeRoix Hampton III (Sonseare Publishing)/ Chantel Hampton (ChannelFM Publishing)
Produced by: LeRoix Hampton III, Chantel Hampton
Programmed by: LeRoix Hampton III
Guitars: Alex Williams IV
Bass: Gregorio Guzman
Vocal Production: Chantel Hampton
Recorded at: ChannelFM Studios Worcester, MA
Lead vocal recorded by: Stewart Havill @Dogstar Productions Sydney, Australia

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