My brokenness met yours and we began to dance

All the pain and hurt, well it masqueraded as a true romance

It was all a lie, it was all a sham

A desperate wrong exchange

But now I see, the depths of me 

I thought that I was missing you. 

My tears were streaming down

I thought that I needed you

I thought you’d always be around

Instead I was missing the parts of me

That I lost in you, that you stole from me, 

That I gave to you, I was missing my own soul

But through it all I see that you’re my greatest gift

My greatest light

You drove me to the edge 

And then you left me empty and alone

Brought to my knees, I faced the truth

Nowhere left to hide

And now I see the depths of me

And She is real, She is beautiful

She is hope and life and joy

Not what you told her, 

Not what you projected onto her

This rebuilding of me

This journey of true love

I could not have done it without you

I could not have done it without you. 

I could not have done it without you

(Music and Lyrics by Simone Waddell)

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