Being In Alignment

When I began teaching about alignment in 2013 at You Have A Voice Conference, little did I know how deep the concept truly was. It only gets deeper the more I study and learn about alignment.

The most important work of your entire life is to consciously move towards being in alignment.

There is nothing higher. Nothing more crucial. I don’t say this as a buzz word or some cool-sounding concept. It really is the be-all and end-all. Firstly knowing your highest values is a key step. You could currently be aligned with struggle and poverty where there is “never enough” and you are in survival mode. That is why transforming those beliefs into abundance and lifting up your values from surviving to thriving is needed. Using your unique gifts and talents rather than letting them lie dormant must happen. I don’t use the word “must” very often, yet in this case, it is apt. You cannot be in alignment unless your gift and talents are being utilised. I heard Pastor Sunday Adelaja say a very controversial point once. He said that if you believe that having and serving your family is your life mission and goal then it is thinking too small. He said, “even animals reproduce…you need to discover what YOU are here for, beyond having a family and serving them.” Aligning with your highest values around health and wellness is another vital area. Think of the times you have been overweight, or unfit. Ah! You do not feel like yourself at all. You know there is a fit, slim, strong, healthy person inside you that you desire to be!

What about spiritually?

Saying “I really love God and others” yet does your life consistently reflect this? Do your habits, words, beliefs, actions, and thoughts always line up with that high goal? (Unfortunately, mine do not always, and yours probably do not either…what great room for improvement!) The good news is, we get the opportunity the more we understand, and the more we heal and grow, to correct any part of us that is out of alignment. Can you see how there is really NOTHING more important? By taking this alignment business seriously, you will improve every single aspect of your life. Any type of addiction, reactionary behaviour, ongoing negative thinking, slackness in communication and integrity, procrastination, fear, voicelessness, and so many other detrimental things can be conquered through your alignment and bring you peace and joy like you have never known. The only way to do it is to do it. Mind you, if the root issue is not healed and addressed you will be forcing everything uphill and the results will not stick. That issue is rising up for a reason…and the reason is to be healed! This is why the programs and retreats I run are a perfect opportunity to keep moving towards your alignment. Breakthroughs are inevitable when you position yourself to win. Your voice matters so much. It is one of the greatest gifts you have. Your singing, your speaking, your communication, your expression…it is YOU. I would love to invite you to Bali in January 2020 for the You Have A Voice Summit where you will have the opportunity to address HOW you can move into more and more healthy and beautiful alignment and live as the HIGHEST, BEST YOU using your true voice! Funnily enough, we think it ought to be such a simple thing to do, to align with our highest self, yet we are often so full of traumas, poor conditioning, faulty programming and deep blocks, that coming home to self really becomes a journey of discovery to be taken.

It is time to Find Your Voice, Empower Your Soul, and Live the Song of Your Life! Always remember, You Have A Voice!

Love, Simone xx

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