Stretching the Comfort Zone

I often use the phrase, “happy/scared” which I first heard from Pastor Ashley Evans. It is the ideal state to live in. What it refers to is that you are happy and excited AND feeling challenged by what is ahead and what you have created for yourself.

If things are too easy, we do not grow. If we aim too high, it can crush us, because we are simply not ready. Finding the sweet spot where you are ok, yet not ok at all, is actually a GOOD thing. The process stretches you and makes your comfort zone a LOT bigger.

It is crucial for your growth to keep doing things that cause you to think, stretch, practise, work to deadlines, and feel a bit risky. It would be miserable to live unchallenged. The growth that happens in one area of life will become evident right across the board because “How you are at anything is how you are at everything.” (T. Harv. Eker.)

Procrastinating all your goals and dreams will bring a constant internal pressure and stress into your body.

The best way to remove that stress is to TAKE THE STEP. Be brave, be courageous, and take the step. Say yes to opportunities and stop playing so safe. Do impossible things and make them possible. Think big, think of what WILL work, not all the reasons why it will not. Whatever the risk is, whatever the faith step is, please take it! Tomorrow is never promised.

If you need the extra support in overcoming this challenge,  I invite you to join The You Have A Voice Academy. This coaching program is so powerful that one year from now you will be amazed at your own development. This program brings results.

I would also love to see YOU in Bali in January 2020 for the You Have A Voice Summit. It is an unbelievable retreat where you will heal, grow, be inspired, learn, transform, and take your life to the next level so that you can be all you desire to be. Please contact me to register. Spots are filling up! Do not miss out! Your voice needs to be heard and your story needs to be told! Amazing massages, food, and a breathtaking location near Ubud. It includes a day off to explore the wonders of Bali too.

More exciting news:

This weekend I am running my 17th Experience the Recording Studio Workshop!

It is always an absolutely phenomenal day! Everyone who gathers the courage to walk into the recording studio is richly rewarded with way more than a song. They each receive a new level of confidence that cannot be bought. Confidence comes through experience, and taking the brave steps to build your confidence is half the battle.

Bit by bit and step by step you can grow in enormous ways if you use this principle and aim for “happy/scared.”

The singers who have come back many times to the studio workshop are starting to become seasoned singers in the studio.They are increasingly accustomed to how they sound. They know how to use the proximity effect with the microphone, and they understand how a vocal session can be conducted. This all comes with experience, and the result is confidence!

Also, last weekend, I performed at the Manly Jazz Festival and I had an amazing time performing the Billie Holiday Show.

Last but not least, we are in final preparations for the upcoming China tour so there is lots happening!!!
If you desire more confidence, then the best way that I know how to achieve that is to say YES when opportunities present!

Say yes to your own dreams and goals! Say yes to the stretch! It is always worth it. It is time to Find Your Voice, Empower Your Soul, and Live the Song of Your Life!

Always remember, You Have A Voice!

Love, Simone xx

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